Arrow 10 Electric Bike Price, Review and Battery (Learn In 5 Mints)

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Get arrow 10 electric bike reviews, price, battery and speed in under 5 minutes . Why should we consider arrow 10 e bike

Are you looking for arrow 10 electric bike for your daily commute? Do you want to read arrow 10 electric bike review? Then you are at absolutely right place. The bike comes with its sleek design and powerful motor, which is designed for a comfortable ride. It comes with a long-lasting battery that is sufficient for long distance riding. Whether you are into riding the city streets or hitting the trails, the arrow bike can be a great option for you. This bike is friendly to the environment, which will also reduce the limited fuel consumption and will also increase the awareness of eco-friendly bike among the people.

According to a market research report by mordor intelligence, the global electric bike market was valued at around usd 24.3 billion in 2019. It is expected to reach usd 50.8 billion by 2025 at a cagr of approximately 15.1% from 2020 to 2025. There are many reasons behind this, because the government is also promoting electric bike and is also running an awareness campaign for electric bike.

If you want to get complete information about electric bike, then read the article completely. In this article, an attempt has been made to mention all the small and big questions running in your mind.

So let’s get started!

Why should we consider arrow 10 electric bike

You can consider the Arrow 10 e – bike by keeping the following points in mind :-

  • Versatility: The electric bike arrow 10 is designed for both in-the-country and off-road adventures, making this bike a versatile option for daily commuting.
  • Power and Performance: The Arrow 10 e bike comes with a powerful motor, which provides efficient ride for longer duration. This bike can be a popular choice for people who want to go on long rides with less energy and want to save their energy and time.
  • Advanced Suspension System: The advanced suspension system ensures a smooth and comfortable ride on any terrain.
  • Smart Features: The Aero 10 bike is equipped with digital features like GPS and Bluetooth, which is very easy to navigate and can be easily connected while riding.
  • Durability: The Electric Bike is built with durable and sturdy co that can handle the rigors of daily commuting with ease.
  • Environment friendly: The electric bike arrow 10 is environment friendly as it produces zero emissions. Being eco-friendly, this bike reduces the dependence on fossil fuels.
  • Cost Effective: It is costlier as compared to other bikes. Electric bikes can generally be more expensive than traditional gas or fossil fuel powered vehicles, Because electric bike requires less maintenance than other bikes and it requires less cost to use.
  • Overall, the arrow electric bike is a great option for a rider looking for a powerful motor and an eco-friendly bike.

EP – Arrow 10 Electric Bike Review

EP-ARROW 10 Electric Bike 48V 20Ah Lithium Battery :- Ep-arrow bike is an eco-friendly bike, which comes with 48 v 20ah lithium-ion battery and 500w high speed gear motor. It rides on 26-inch cst tires, which help in covering long distances. Lithium-ion battery is a type of chargeable battery, which is lightweight and has high energy density.

Ep - Arrow 10 Electric Bike Price And Features
EP-Arrow 10 Electric Bike

Which means that it can store more energy even in a small space. A powerful 500w motor powers the pedals, which helps the rider to cover high speed and long distance. Charging of the battery takes about 6 to 8 hours, and a range of about 60 miles can be achieved on a single charge. The maximum weight capacity of this electric bike arrow 10 is 120 kg, which may disappoint some people.

Arrow 10 Electric Bike Battery

The ep-arrow electric bikes is equipped with a 48v, 20ah lithium battery. Battery capacity is measured in amp-hours (ah). 48 volts is the standard voltage for most electric bike batteries. The lithium-ion battery of this bike is long life, high energy density. It is lightweight and gets a range of around 60 miles on a single charge, which is more than enough for a long-haul rider.

What is the motor capacity of Arrow 10 electric bike

This bike comes with 500w electric motor, the power of electric motor is measured in watts. 500w motor helps the bike determine speed and acceleration, which can provide a faster and smoother ride than a motor with less power. This powerful motor provides assistance while pedaling, there by allowing the rider to reach higher speeds and travel longer distances.

Which brakes does the bike come with?

The tektro dual hydraulic cylinder disc brake is a type of disc brake that presses the brake pads against the rotor to slow the wheel. Brake pads are made of high friction material, which grips the rotor to slow the wheel. Tektro disc brakes, known for their powerful stopping power. Its maintenance is also easy. Dual hydraulic cylinder brakes help provide a precise and more controlled braking power. Like other bike brakes, pads can wear out over time, requiring replacement over time. For high brake performance, brake fuel needs to be changed from time to time.

Handlebar and frame

The frame of the electric bike is made of aluminum which is lightweight durable and corrosion resistant. The frame size of this bike is equal to 26″×17″. Before ever buying a bike, it is important to look for a frame that is comfortable, lightweight and aerodynamic, because it is very important for the frame to be strong to handle any obstacle on the road.

Arrow 10 electric bike handlebar details

Aluminum frames are usually the most popular choice due to their low cost. While steel frames are slightly heavier but provide more stability at high speeds, carbon fiber frames are the lightest of all but cost a lot more.

Weight & Dimensions

The total weight of the arrow electric bikes is approximately 22 kg, i.E. Equal to 48 pounds. The bike is optimized for riders whose height falls between 165 and 200 cm. The maximum speed of this bike is equal to 21.6 mph. Adding the optional front basket and fenders to the bike brings the total weight down to 68 pounds.

Digital Display

The electric bike comes equipped with an lcd that shows the battery level, distance travelled, speed and other important information. The facility of gps and bluetooth is also available with this bike, through which you can easily enjoy the songs while riding. Can easily connect it while riding the bike.

LED headlight and taillight

Sometimes there can be a lot of delay while riding the bike, and it becomes difficult to ride due to darkness, for which led headlight and tail light have been arranged in this bike. Which allows the writer to see even in low light conditions, which without a doubt can be expected by any riders looking to cover long distances.

Shimano 7-speed transmission

The bike is mated to a 7-speed Shimano transmission, which gives riders the option to choose from a wide range of gears. Which makes it easier to climb hills and deal with uneven terrain.

Pedal-assist mode

The electric bike is equipped with a pedal assist mode, which allows riders to pedal power while riding. This versatility of the bike makes it extremely easy.

HandlebarPromax aluminium
Speed shiftersshimano 6 speed dial shifters
BrakeTektro dual cylinder hydraulic disc brake
batteryremovable sumsung cell Li -ion battery
Seatwhater proof leather cover seat
Frame Size 26″×17″ aluminium alloy
ForkEp cycling custom suspension fork
TiresCST 26″×1.95″
Motor Power500W
MotorHigh Speed Geared motor
Battery Capacity 48V 20AH 960WH
Charging Time6-8 Hours
Rangeup to 60 miles
Load capacity 120kg


  • This bike comes with three different frame variant sizes, this bike is designed for both adults and kids.
  • A single charge can achieve a range of about 60 miles.
  • The maximum speed of this electric bike is 28 mph.
  • The large rear rack of this bike can carry up to 122 pounds and the front can carry up to 10 pounds.
  • Makes less noise and emissions than gas powered vehicles .
  • Can be charged from a standard electrical outlet.


  • Quality design factors of electric bike can make it costlier than other bikes.
  • The speed of this electric bike is limited as compared to gas powered vehicles .
  • Battery life may decrease over time.

Overall Assessment

Overall, the ep arrow 10 electric bike is a convenient means of covering limited distances. Electric assist feature adds to its power, this makes it easy to ride for riders with limited distance and fitness levels. This bike generally offers quiet ride and it is completely eco. Suited to. But the battery life of the bike is limited, which can achieve a range of 60 miles on a single charge.

The range of the bike may increase or decrease depending on the weight of the rider and the terrain. Overall, EP arrow electric bikes can be a good option for those people. Those looking for a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transport for short distance travel.



The EP-Arrow 10 electric bikes can be a great option for people who are looking for an eco-friendly bike. The bike is made lightweight, which makes it easy to store. This bike does not make noise while riding, That means you can consider it a noise free electric bike. We hope that all your questions have been answered, If you have any doubts even after this, then you must tell us by commenting. How satisfied is this article with you? According to them, you can give it a star, due to which we can improve our upcoming article! Thank you.

What is the motor capacity of Ep – Arrow 10 electric bike ?

The motor capacity of Ep Arrow 10 electric bike is 500W (High speed geared Motor )

How many volts of battery is installed in Ep Arrow 10 electric bike?

This bike comes with a 48 volt lithium ion battery, which once charged

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